Monday, July 29, 2013

No, I'm Not Super Woman, Either

Last night I put the girls to bed and left Scott home while I went grocery shopping.
I timed myself just to see how quickly I can make the trip, for future reference.
I even had extra stuff on my list, so I'm pretty impressed with my shopping skills.

When I got in line at the register, it had been exactly 20 minutes since I left the house.
That's a good deal.
I was thinking by the time I got through the line, paid, and drove the 2 minutes back home, I would still make the 30 minute mark, which means in the future, I can convince Scott to watch the girls while I get groceries:)


It took exactly 20 MORE minutes to get through the line.

Turns out I was in the ONLY open lane in the whole store, I was 4th in line, and everyone had full buggies.
And then everyone decided to pay with a check.
I mean, I pay with a check, but dang. These people were taking ages to open up their check book, write the amount in their register, hand over the check, sign the little keypad thing.

So after wasting my life in line, I got home, put groceries away, picked up a little, took a shower, and thought I would be super woman for a few minutes and start my bread maker on a loaf overnight so i could make fresh french toast for Scott.

Then I read my book for a while, lay down, and slept peacefully until 5am.
That's when disaster struck.
Actually, I'm sure it struck somewhere closer to midnight but I didn't know until 5 am.

My bread was HORRIBLE.
Turns out I used the wheat flour instead of bread flour, and let me tell ya, it ain't the same y'all.
And so ends the delusion of grandeur.



  1. I didn't know you couldn't use wheat flour in a bread machine. You have to buy special flour? that seems silly. At least you tried! :)

    1. well you can use it but it takes a whole different recipe than white bread...actually I can't even make white bread without bread flour unless I find a new recipe. I had no idea but apparently bread flour has EXTRA gluten in it. so I think I'll be looking for a new recipe soon.


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