Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Third Day of Maddy


is 33 inches tall.
is 18 inches around her belly.
can eat by herself.
wears size 6 shoes.
has dark blonde hair.
has blue eyes that look like her Daddy's.
wears 18 months clothes, and shares them with Chunk.
pee pees in the potty most (usually).
loves her Daddy.
hates anything on her head.

Her Favorite...

food--- crackers
drink---applejuice watered down to the point that's it's almost water.
toy---cardboard box
game---bring the spiders to mama.
activity--- bath time.

She is learning...

how to wash dishes. and laundry.
how to sit, stand, stop, turn around, come here on command.
how to make her bed.
how to use the remote.
to sweep.
how to jump.
to tickle.

She struggles with..

the "ck" and "x" sounds. She says "tch tch". Like, box would be "bah-tch-tch"
folding towels.
staying inside.
keeping her clothes on.
staying clean.

words she can clearly communicate to us:
mouth, head, hair, nose, eyes, ears, shoe, toes, belly, I love you (I wash ooo), bye dad, have a good day, night night, dog, Greta, Sa-sa (Sasha), tickle-tickle-tickle, NO, stop.
Also she says "beetch-ch"...not sure what that one is. Sounds really inappropriate, but I'm pretty sure it's bed. Except she says it at dinnertime too.

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  1. This is so adorable! I so want to meet your darling little girl! (and girls!) So excited for the birthday party!


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