Monday, July 15, 2013

Maddy Monday: Old School

Today's Maddy Monday is brought to you by :
Motherhood: where touching someone's boogers becomes acceptable.

Modern technolofy is currently preventing me from piecing together a video segment, so we'll go old school today and show you some still-life-frames from the last few days.

Maddy got some super cute clothes for her birthday. I LOVE this skirt. It's supposed to touch the ground but she's so skinny I had to roll the waistband to keep it on her. P.S. that's my cup of sweet tea that she's hijacked.

I somehow missed taking a good picture of her apron, but you can sort of see it here. It's so cute it shouldn't even be allowed. Maybe it's not allowed. I should look into that. Here she's helping me chop taters to roast for dinner.

She's got mad knifing skills.

We also went out to eat BBQ because the local BBQ joint has a killer deal where you get a meal with drink included for $4 and kids eat free. So we all get our own meal with sandwich, fries and drink for $8 and a tip! As you can see, Maddy loves their lemonade.

When we got home, she wanted to play cowgirl. She also wanted Mame to play cowgirl. She smacks me in the head with the extra hat and says "HAT" as if that forces me to play. She also rode her rocking horse and shouted "yeeee--ahhhh" that's almost yeehaw.

Meanwhile, Killer was super chubby and cute and played with her toys. Also, she has a black eye where Maddy bludgeoned her with a shoe. This particular incident was accidental.
Thanks for tuning in to Maddy Monday.
Check back next week for a futuristic display of technology: an actual video!

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