Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Fourth Day of Maddy

things you didn't know about moo.

 She likes to read Fox in Socks by Dr Seuss and Brown Bear, Brown Bear by whoever wrote that one.

She knows two languages, but is fluent in only one. English and Madd-ish. English isn't quite perfected.

 She could teach a seminar on climbing up un-climb-able objects.

 She remembers things very well. Especially other peoples' houses and such.

 She loves to drink. If you put it in her cup, she'll drink it.

 She either can't smell, or just isn't bothered by the typical unpleasant smells. Poop doesn't phase her and last night she snorted black pepper and never even sneezed.

 She likes touch screens, even if she has no clue what she's touching.

 She has a pretty short attention span, until it's bedtime, then all of a sudden she can focus on a movie or a book for hours.

 She has mile long eyelashes. Sometimes I wonder how she even holds her eyes open with all those lashes. I'd like to take credit for them but she gets them from Scott.

 She loves to throw things away. I can keep her busy for hours just teraing up a piece of paper and saying " put this in the trash...okay, now throw this piece away."

 She doesn't really know how to act with other kids. She wants to go talk to them, but she's shy when they approach her.

WHen she is ready to get up in the morning and come out of her room, she gets up, makes her bed, then stands at her door and bangs on it until we let her out.

She has this weird obsession with belly buttons. Just say the word "belly" and she goes around trying to lift everyone's shirt up and stick her finger in their belly button.

She also likes to stick her finger up peoples' nose. I guess she doesn't know that it's gross yet.

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