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Rough Hewn Cole Slaw: A Lazy Girls Guide to a Southern Meal

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  So last night we had a ridiculously complex dinner.
Ok, not complex. Maybe busy is a better word.
I had a bunch of extra food that I needed to cook before it went bad so I just made it all for dinner.
We had country fried steak, drinkable gravy, homemade navy beans, sweet corn, a salad and rough hewn slaw.

 Here's Scott's plate...notice he got the christmas bowl.
 Before we get to the slaw, here's the best part of the whole meal: the gravy. I would have been happy with a bowl full of this for dinner. Don't worry, I do have some self-control.
The secret? Leave all the chunks of flour in the grease. Oh and you have to use a cast iron skillet. It really makes a difference.
 Here's the finished plate. I know what you're thinking...corn AND cornbread? yes.
Salad AND slaw? yes.
Nothing green on your plate? Nope.
 And of course, I wouldn't be a true southerner if I didn't serve up some ice cold sweet tea in a mason jar.

  Ok, so I know you're dying to know what the heck rough hewn slaw is.
Have you ever seen rough hewn lumber? 
Think log cabin, rustic church building, fencing etc.
It's basically wood pieces that haven't been sanded and polished to be all pretty.
Well, last night I got my cabbage out and decided that the stupid food processor (although it is very quick an easy to shred things with the little attachment) was too much of pain to wash.
So I had this genius idea.
I'll grate the cabbage by hand with my trusty cheese grater.
*insert dead pan face with a twitchy eye and hate laser beams shooting toward that stupid grater*
Long story short I gave up withing 30 seconds, chopped the slaw up with a knife and threw it in the bowl.
It wasn't looking too pretty, let me tell ya.
I said "dang, it's gonna take FOREVER to chop this stuff up right".
Yes. I talk to myself when I cook.
then I had and actual genius idea.
Just pretend like it's SUPPOSED to look that way.
thus, rough hewn cole slaw was born.
See if I just said "coleslaw" you'd be thinking uh...that's some ugly coleslaw.
But since I'm calling it "rough hewn" now everyone's all "ooooh. ahhhh. that's kimb. she's so creative. I bet that rough hewn slaw tastes better than normal slaw".
true story.
it tastes the same though.
I know this because...
 ok, so technically she get's this excited about any kind of food, but still. When's the last time YOU ate somethign that was so tasty, you smacked yourself with your plate when you were done?
 She was so hungry, she spent 5 minutes just trying to eat that piece of lettuce.
Let's be honest, that child isn't hungry.
She eats more than I do.
Last night she ate a whole country fried steak, and a full serving of everything else.
My little Southern Chub:)

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