Friday, March 1, 2013

Insanity Day 2

Here are my results from day 1, which is the fit test.
You get 1 minute for each exercise to do as many reps as possible.
1. Switch kicks (you basically do a front kick with your right leg, a little hop, and then a front kick with you left leg. that makes one rep. 2 kicks = 1 rep) I did 45.
2. Power jacks (jumping jack with a squat when you put your legs out) I did 35
3. Power knees (you put your arms over your head, a little to one side, and one leg slightly back to the other side. You bring your arms down and your knee up to meet right in front of your belly button. you only do this on one side.I used my right knee) I did 76
4. Power jumps (squat, then jump up in the air while still in the squat position) I did 19
5. Globe jumps (squat, then jump left into another squat, then backward into a squat, then right into a squat, then back to start position. 4 squats or 1 circuit = 1 rep) i did 7
6. Suicide jumps (This is what I would call a burpee...? bend over, jump back to plank, jump back to a squat, then jump up in the air) I did 9
This junk gets tiring when you do it for a whole minute.
7. pushup jacks (literally, pushups and jumping jack at the same time. when you lower yourself, you jump your feet out wide, then jump them back in when you push up) I did 0. actually I did 2 face plants during this 1 minute interval.
8. Low plank oblique (plank position while on your forearms/elbows, then you have to crunch one knee at a time up to your elbow.) I did 50.

Today was day 2, which is the plyometric cardio workout. It's actually mostly easy moves, you just have to do them all in a row with really high intensity.
I made it though about 15 minutes without stopping and total about 25 minutes. 
I wont lie. I skipped about 4 or 5 minutes at the end cause I HAD to stretch or I was gonna die.
Also, I did this barefooted(GASP).
I know that's bad for you or whatever but my shoes are in the bedroom and someone is all snuggled up asleep. Then again, he worked all night so I'm not really mad about it.

Oh, and I guess for accountability I should share some more info.
Age: 21
Height: 5'4"
weight: 158 lbs
goal weight: well, realistically the smallest I've ever been was about 135 and looking back, that was tiny. i want to get down to 140 but to make my weight loss a nice round 20 lbs, I'll say my goal is 138. Honestly, I think I would have to remove a leg or something to get lower than the 130s. 
I also want to have size goals, but as of right now I don't even know my sizes.
I will add measurements as soon as I actually do them.
I will tell you I wear a size 10 in jeans and honestly just want my size 8s to fit, but I think I can get to 6.

OH. and just because I want to ramble some more, I am trying a new technique for potty training. starting today, Maddy met her Cabbage Patch Kid baby doll.
The doll's name is supposed to be Marina or something, but we named her Mini Moo.
I have been helping Maddy teach Mini how to drink her juice and pee pee in the potty ( Maddy doesn't know it, but I just hide a little squirt bottle behind the doll so she "pees" in the potty). 
Maddy is taking such good care of Mini. She changes her diaper, and puts her in the bouncer, and gives her "juice". I even staged an accident, and Maddy cleaned up the "pee pee".
I'm hoping this method is as successful as all the stories say because I would LOVE to go buy some underwears and be done with the pullups.
yes. I said underwearS. with an S. 
My father taught me that.
Image courtesy of and Red Top Mower.

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