Saturday, March 2, 2013

Insanity Day 3

Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance

it's actually pretty easy.
the tough part is making yourself do each circuit without stopping.
i lie. the tough part is doing the circuit for the THIRD time in a row.

it's an incredible workout though.
i'm not miserably sore but I'm tired and i can already feel muscle that weren't there this morning.
like my triceps.
todays workout had 3 or 4 different tricep moves and they were killer.

i'm really excited and motivated about this whole 60 days.
the only hard part is adding in another hour of activity to my todo list.
actually more than an hour because it involves coordinating nap times, rearranging errand, showering afterward, setting the computer up with the TV, etc.
Lillee watched me workout today and it put her to sleep.

 anyway, I feel really good after today's workout, but the livingroom was messy when Scott got up 

and i didn't get to the bank on time to deposit our check.

and then i left the laundry basket in the kitchen.

and i didn't fold the blanket that Scott slept on the couch with.

and then i set the casserole on top of a warm burner by accident so the chicken was super tough.


now i'm just waiting for the teeny tiny water heater to fill back up so i can go to take a long hot shower and turn sunburned-lobster-red.

p.s. i promise i will post before pics/measurements soon

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  1. The laundry basket will still be there and it will be okay. The blanket will be okay too. Sorry about the chicken. :) Keep on exercising. You will eventually get into a rhythm and find what works so you can get it ALL done! I have 3 (clean) loads upstairs in baskets.. maybe I'll get them folded before I have to wear that stuff again?


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