Saturday, March 30, 2013

Just What You Wanted

I know y'all only check my blog to see pictures.
That's ok.
It gives me something to do late at night while I can't sleep.
Like play with collage makes online.
Here's beautiful Chunk.
She makes so many adorable faces.
The last week or so she has really started to grow and develop at a rapid pace.
She can pick up a chew toy (no, not a dog toy) and bring it to her mouth.
She can almost sit up without doing a face plant.
She got to take a bath with Maddy (in the Bumbo, which floated, so I had to drain most of the water).

Here's Moo.
In these pictures (starting with top left, across the top row), she's drinking juice, wearing her Hello Kitty backpack and drinking juice, standing 3 inches from the TV with her PJs hiked up, sitting in her pretty halter top dress, standing pigeon-toed in her night gown that was dragging the ground at Christmas(she has grown so much!), pitching a fit because her juice or "joo" is empty, wearing adorable pig tails, and playing in the bath.
Oops, I missed one.
She's playing with the little flippy menu thing at Zaxby's.
Cause you wanted to know all of that, right?

Here are some of what I consider "family" photos.
Basically, that means more than one family member is in the frame.
Even if it's just a hand.

Here are some side by sides of Lillee and Maddy at particular ages.
Lillee's on the left and Maddy's on the right.
Here's Newborn, then 2 months.
Then 3 months and 4 months...
And finally... 5 months.
I can't believe Chunk is already 5 months old! 
Then, just for fun, here's me and Scott in Vegas just after we got married (over 3 years ago).
We look so young!

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  1. This is so good. I love seeing how the girls are growing. I love seeing it in person more, but this helps. :-)


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