Saturday, March 16, 2013

Today was a long but productive one.
I got up at 8:15, which is just in time to catch the sunrise.
Scott walked in and spent some time with me and told me about some guy whose guts were hanging out his stomach.
He had been stabbed.
I think he's ok now though, so try not to worry a whole lot.
I had coffee while we chatted, the girls got up, Scott watched them while I took a shower and got ready (which is probably one of the greatest gifts he has given me lately...I mean, seriously, a 15 minute shower without any screaming or knocking on the door? that's like heaven).
Then Scott wen toff to sleepyland while the girls and I got to it.
It was a beautiful day so both girls got to wear adorable summer dresses.
The best part was the bloomers.
I love baby bloomers.
We went to SAMs Club.
Got a few staples.
And a juicer.
Now, it's not the one that Reality Barbie used here and here but it will suffice.
We went to the Post Office to pick up a package.
It was closed. Turns out you can only pick up packages here in Al-binny at one USPS location.
So we drove back across town to get our package and headed home.
Then we unloaded our goodies, put groceries away, and opened our package.
It was Christmas gifts for my family that got back ordered and finally arrived today.

After that, the girls took a nap.
A long one, thank goodness.
While they slept I washed dishes.
By hand.
Still no dishwasher repair.

Anyway, when I got them all clean, I busted that joker out.
(in case you need a buzzer for every time the subject of the conversation changes, I'm referring to the juicer now.)
I already knew from Barbie's mishaps how to operate the thang.
I threw in a cup of baby spinach, 3 big ole carrots, a whole dang mater, a "navel" as it says on the package (it was orange so I call it an orange), and an apple.
It made about 30 oz of juice. I drank about 8oz and was STUFFED.
I'm talking like thanksgiving dinner #3 in one day stuffed.
So I put the rest in the fridge and came back about an hour later to finish it.
Actually Maddy drank about 6 oz of it.
That'll be a fun diaper change.
Anyway it was super delicious.
Maddy and i colored with chalk all over our little patio.
Maddy thought it was great and shse barely even did anything.
She loved watching me draw.


  1. What juicer did you get? I want to get one too! Actually hoping I can get one with the tax return... praying that its enough!

  2. I got a Bella juicer, but it's the cheap-o model. I think it was $50. It works ok, considering it was relatively cheap. My parents have the super nice model that's like $200 or something and it is awesome. It smashes the juice out and you can make about 20 oz of juice and only have like 1/4 cup of pulp that's left over. it's so cool. I can find out the exact model for you.


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