Sunday, March 3, 2013

Insanity Day 4

Today was the recovery workout.
Basically yoga/stretching.
There wasn't really any cardio, but it was still pretty difficult.

I took my before pics today.
I'm not posting them yet.
Maybe when I can see a definite difference I will post my before pictures along with "in progress" pictures.
I just don't have the guts to post fat pictures right now.

I do have some pictures to share though.
They're from my long, busy day.
I forgot to take a few pictures, so I'll have to add those tomorrow.

Her shirt says "Grandma is a hoot". I was trying to take a picture for my mom, so I used the front camera and Maddy thought it was face time. She says "hey".

Lillee and I did about 4 loads of laundry today. As you can see, it gets pretty tiring folding baby clothes.

This was Maddy's breakfast/snack. A spoon full of peanut butter and an oatmeal cream pie. She also ended up having Nutella on Ritz crackers. So healthy. Mom of the year, right here people.

We finally busted the old high chair back out storage. The cushion had a gross stain from the storage building so it was in the wash during this pic. Check out those leg rolls, y'all. I wish my fat was that cute;)

Now, I told you my day was long and busy. Obviously my pictures don't cover all the busyness.
I also played with Lillee, which was more important than it sounds like cause we did tummy time and practiced sitting up.
Chunk can lay on her belly, then lift her head up to look at you so high her belly button is off the ground. 
Let's see. I washed pretty much all of the dishes we own.
I've been doing them by hand just because it saves a TON of money for us to buy dish soap instead of dish detergent.
I decided I would skip a load, and then use the dishwasher when I had enough dishes.
HA. The stupid dishwasher doesn't work. It just fills up with water and sits there. And won't drain. Which stinks.
So anyway, I had like three days worth of dishes that I was going to just shove in the dishwasher that I ended up doing by hand.
Then I did all that laundry.
And put most of it away.
Then I attacked Maddy's room.

O. EM. GEE y'all.

It took nearly TWO hours to clean up all her JUNK and rearrange everything.
Now all (well, most) of her toys are put up in the closet where she can't get them in the middle of the night.
The crib is taken apart and put out of the way.
Her bed is moved, remade, and decorated with all the crib stuff.
Her clothes (and Chunk's) are all completely organized and put away.
And I painted her other dresser.
That's what I forgot the take pictures of, but it's super cute.

Now I'm so glad to be able to walk/see the floor in there.
It was ridic y'all.

Then after that I cleaned the living room/scrubbed the kitchen, and dusted.
Yeah, dusted.
That's weird, right?
I mean, I never dust.
But that ceiling fan was FUNKY.

Anyway...Scott got to sleep all day without interruption, I did my workout, Scott was happy with a clean house and surprised at Maddy room.
We enjoyed some Hibachi chicken/shrimp/steak and lots os fried rice and special sauce and left overs for both of us for just $20.
Twenty dolla make you holla!

Now Scott's at work and all I want is take a nice hot bath and relax, but we live in an apartment.
I don't know if you know this, but apartments tubs...well... 
it's one thing to wash your kid in there, but it's a whole other story to lay there and try to relax when you think about all the people (with varying degrees of hygiene) that have used that tub.
Tomorrow, I'm bleaching the crap outta that thing and having me a beer and a bath.

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