Friday, December 21, 2012

Bye Bye Dragon Breath

So you know how when you use delicious, minty tooth paste and mouthwash that smells wonderful, then when you wake up, you have dragon breath?
Or after you brush in the morning, your mouth tastes bad again like...30 minutes later?
Well, it's cause of your toxic, chemical-laden toof paste.

A few days ago I made my own toothpaste.
I've been using it for 3 days now, and I love it!
My teeth are whiter, my mouth feels super clean, and I don't get that gross aftertaste/dragon breath in the mornings.

I should have taken a  before picture of my teeth.
They have gotten dramatically whiter already.
I will take a picture tonight to compare to later ones.

It's super easy to make.
You can even buy a kit with directions from The Bulk Herb Store.
It tastes like Christmas time! Actually it just tastes like cinnamon and cloves, but whatever.
It make the whole house smell yum when you make it.
You'll feel like you live in a Christmas house.
Just go with it.

My mouth is happy.
My husband is happy.
My dragon breath is a thing of the past!

Oh and it's completely natural/herbal, so it can be swallowed, which means the chilrens can use it without having to worry.
 woop woop.
Unsupervised teeth brushing for Moo! 
Just Kidding.
Kind of.


  1. So, can you give me the recipe to this?? :) Do you still use this? Whats in it? I totally want to use this! I went to the website, but couldn't find information on it.. just the product to buy, which I would rather make it myself if I can :)


    This is the video with instructions. I think she gives measurements but if not I will email you the recipe!


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