Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sunny Day

Let me tell you, the weather around here changes more than Nikki Minaj's hairstyle.
After our miserable rainy day yesterday, today was beautiful.
Granted, is was still freezing. But in the sun, it felt lovely. So Maddy and I went on another adventure while Chunk took a nap.

you are about to experience a rather high volume of photos. I am one of those people who is super nosy and loves it when people post tons of pictures, so I feel like it's ok for me to be obnoxious and post a ton too.
Chunk chillin' on the couch

Yep. She's naked. Or maybe nekkid. That's when you ain't got no clothes on and your up to somethin'.

Chunk got sleepy

Last night, Maddy sat in a booster and drank from a big cup. Such a big girl.

Playing with her ball

Running away

Checking on me

Running after the ball

running away again

she dropped the ball. haha.

she was talking in this one. too bad pictures don't capture words.

she missed the ball and had to come back


ripping the hat off. you will now be viewing baldy.

checking out the big green box

we are moving up in the world. eating by herself. i'm so proud

drinking from a REAL cup

Oh. My. Goodness. She wiped her mouth  by herself!


  1. I nominated you sweet girl. Go see!

  2. haha - this is the best blog entry so far! :)You are making my morning, even though these are old.. its still great! :) :) I love all the pictures!


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