Sunday, December 9, 2012

Potty Time

So...last night Maddy walked up to me with her diaper hanging out one leg of her shorts.
It was almost touching the ground. 
I had just taken her to potty about 30 minutes before.
Potty training FAIL.

I'm not really stressing about the potty training since she's still young, but she KNOWS how to go potty.
She even goes and knocks on the bathroom door when she needs to go.
But we still have diaper-dragging-the-ground days.

Any ideas on how to get her to tell me when she needs to go pee? 
Or what I'm missing?

Maybe she doesn't recognize the urge consistently...I don't have any clue. She my first child, so this is a first time experience.

She used to poop on the potty fine, but the last few months of my pregnancy I couldn't bend over and lift her to the potty. Now she's backslid a little because I can't get her to poop in the potty now.

Please help! Leave comments with some advice. You may just save my sanity. And my bank account. Diapers are outrageous.

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