Thursday, December 20, 2012

Scott's Anxiety

What a day.
We just got home about 8pm.
Scott spent his afternoon in a hospital bed. Ugh.

Last night he woke me up around midnight saying his chest was hurting.
I told him he needed to take some aspirin.
We didn't have any.
So he went to the store to get some.

When he got out of the car, he got completely weak and dizzy...but he went in and got his aspirin, then asked a police officer who was there to follow him home just in case.

when he got home he called 9-1-1. T
The paramedic said he was fine and left. Scott slept fine. I think. I was worried but I finally fell asleep.
This morning we went to run some errands, then we were going to grab some food. After running all the errands, he got really pale and then all of sudden turned bright red. He said he was dizzy and needed me to drive and go to the hospital. But instead of pulling over so I could drive, he proceeded to drive like a lunatic all the way to the hospital.

He got there around 1. I staid in the car with the girls. He sent a nurse out to ask me to come inside.
Oh yeah, my flip flop was broken because I fell out of the car at the store earlier this morning. Anyway, I finally get his room in the Chest Pain Center and the nurse tells me I can't keep the girls there. So Scott calls a friend whose daughter can watch Maddy and arranges childcare while I go home to get new shoes and drop Maddy off with the babysitter.

I get back to hospital around 4. 
They still hadn't let Scott eat or told him what was going on.
Finally around 6 they said all his blood tests looked okay so there were checking his thyroid. That took til 7 and they finally let us leave about 7:20 with a prescription for anxiety medication. Which he can't take most of the time because he can't drive after he takes it.

When we got to the apartment to pick Maddy up, she was was sleeping on the bed. Passed out. It was adorable. I'm so glad she had fun instead of being locked up in the hospital. 

So now we're home, Maddy's in the bed, I'm chillin' on the couch. And what is Scott doing? Working. Yep. We got home and he had to start an investigation. At our apartment complex.

What an exhausting day.

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